Sunset in Costa Rica

The hidden treasure of Costa Rica

For sure, you have read about the million reasons to visit Costa Rica but, have you read about the Osa Peninsula? This gem of diversity is located in the Southern Pacific of the country and is inhabited by a few persons and a hundred of flora and fauna species. In fact, National Geographic described it as: “The […]

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Best Things To Do In İzmir, Turkey

İzmir in Anatolia, Turkey is great for city breaks with a difference. There is fascinating architecture and history, beautiful beaches nearby, great shopping and a lot of local culture. İzmir with its four million residents is the third largest city in Turkey. It is a harbour city and a tourist destination, and it is both […]

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You Can Never be Too Prepared: What to take with you on the 4WD trip away

Picture a crusty, old country town (if you can call it that) with a total of five stores lining the main street. The last shreds of faded paint are peeling off the signs, an indicator that the glory days of this place are long gone. This is where you will spend a few weeks of […]

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Wollongong, Sydney

Wollongong — A Gem That Sparkles South of Sydney

Everyone, when visiting the Land of Green and Gold, sees Sydney and its common attractions. Little do they know that a two-hour train ride south will take them to a hidden paradise they barely knew existed; this hidden paradise is Wollongong. The people, the atmosphere, and the energy that only an Australian small city can […]

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Prague’s Top Microbreweries and Pubs

Beer is big business in Prague. In addition to the vastly diverse culture, the great sightseeing opportunities and the attractive architecture, the beer and the pubs explain the recent influx of tourism to the Czech capital. The Czech Republic exports its beers all over Europe so a visit to Prague isn’t even necessary to realise […]

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Shimla, India

Things to do in Shimla

THINGS TO DO IN SHIMLA The snow-clad mountains will beckon you to this lovely hill station which has been consistently ranked among the top 3 hill stations in India. Shimla is regarded as the best spot to enjoy winter sports and other adventurous activities. There are luxurious hotels and fine dining restaurants which offers some […]

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Best Beaches in Bangladesh

Best Beaches in Bangladesh Bangladesh, in South Asia, is one of the most visited tourist destinations but travelers worldwide always have one-dimensional images of the country – choking roads, crowded streets, old historical structures and pollution. But very few people know that this country boasts of some of the best beaches in this part of […]

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Sri Lanka for Foodies

Sri Lanka for Foodies Sri Lankan food is sometimes compared to the food available in South India but actually it has a distinct cuisine of its own. The people in Sri Lanka love spicy food and they have a fetish for deep-fried snacks. Though the staple food is rice and curry, there are some other […]

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A day in Patan, Nepal

Most people arriving in Nepal spend a day or two in Kathmandu and head for the mountains but few visit Patan. This is an ancient city with hidden temples and exquisite carved buildings and just a short journey from Kathmandu. There is a sense of a different world on arriving in Patan where teenage buys […]

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Moroccan Crafts

The colours are spectacular, blazing from rooftops and glistening from darkened stores. In Morocco you don’t have to look far to find good craftsmanship and traditions that have passed through generations for centuries. Look closer when walking through the alleyways of the souk and there are often poky workshops where men craft intricate metal work […]

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